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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Jared Loughner of nations is among us

A crazy, belligerent exhibits warning signs for years.

Violent rhetoric and threats are a routine characteristic. There are clear signs of mental instability marked by incoherence with desultory and delusional outbursts. There have even been actual incidents of violence perpetrated from this source.

When a vicious, pernicious maelstrom of death inevitably occurs, there is outrage directed towards those who seemingly should have recognized the dangers and yet did nothing.

No, this isn’t just a description of Arizona mass murderer Jared Loughner. It’s also a description of something far more dangerous: the leadership of The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Amazingly, some of the people who are so upset at the supposed instigation of Loughner by right wing vitriol are among those who are acting as apologists for, if not proxies of the murderous Iranian regime.

The leadership of Iran are Holocaust-deniers who have repeatedly threatened violence. They are responsible for international terrorism. They deny their people the right to free speech and political dissent. They actively persecute religious minorities, like the Bahia's whose only crime is to believe that a prophet lived after Mohammad. Iran's religious police imprison women for immodesty and then rape them in jail.

If the Iranian leadership were a single person living in the US, it would have been given a death sentence a long time ago.

Iran's theocracy is far more dangerous than a crazed lone gunman with a pistol. It's a crazed ideological movement that is about to acquire a nuclear weapon.

The opportunity to prevent that still exists, but will pass soon.

President Obama attended a memorial service Wednesday for the victims of a single madman. People look at this tragedy and say, "If only we would have acted when we had the chance."

Unless Obama finds the courage and determination to effectively confront Iran, there may be thousands upon thousands of memorial services for Americans and others as a result of his inaction.


Unknown said...

The various western nation's military and financial situations are stretched too thin right now to be entering another theatre of war. Do you think there's another way of taking on this task?

Richard K said...

True, they are indeed stretched too thin. And a full scale war isn't called for in this instance, just bomb the Iranian nuclear sites. If they don't get the message the first time, repeat it until they do. Use Cruise Missiles to minimize the risk to American personnel.

The "bombs only" strategy worked in Kosovo and it's worth a try here. After all, the goal isn't regime change, it's to get them to agree to halt the nuclear program.

Of the various crises facing the west right now, what is more pressing than a deranged, aggressive totalitarian state getting nukes?

Unknown said...

As I'm reading it in the media, Ted Williams' trip to rehab seems to be the most pressing crisis.