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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Revealed: al-QuAIA suicide bombers caused critical damage to Toronto's Pride Festival

The fanatical anti-Israel group calling itself "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" (QuAIA) forced itself into last year's Toronto Pride Festival despite numerous objections towards the bigoted group's hijacking a Gay rights and pride event for their own political agenda.

Toronto's current mayor, Rob Ford, along with a number of city Councilors, called for defunding of Pride  and many corporate sponsors withdrew support for the event as a consequence of the festival's allowing the hate group's participation.

In the aftermath of al-QuAIA placing its own interests ahead of the Gay community and badgering its way into Pride, Xtra, the Gay community newspaper, has just reported that last year was one "of the worst years in PT’s history is finishing with a $431,808 budget deficit in 2010. The rainy-day fund of $322,407 knocked it down to $109,409 in the red."

Xtra noted Pride Toronto board co-chair Francisco Alvarez's comments  "PT budgeted for much more sponsorship than it received, somewhere around $50,000". He says the controversy surrounding Queers Against Israeli Apartheid and the “political messages” contributed to sponsors backing out at the last moment.

In what is considered more fallout from the controversy, Pride Toronto's executive director,  Tracey Sandilands, submitted her resignation effective tomorrow.

All this shows that al-QuAIA, obsessed with their hate of Israel and self-interest, is prepared to harm the Gay community as a whole in their fanaticism.

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