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Monday, January 10, 2011

Adolescence can be a time of sexual discovery, but this is like discovering a toxic waste dump

From The Toronto Star:
There was a time when Lori Kooger was head over heels in love with Paul Bernardo.  
He was her celebrity idol.  
These days, the now 44-year-old widowed mother of three is herself accused of being a sexual predator and stalker of underage boys.  
From courthouse groupie to jailhouse custody, awaiting trial on charges of sexual interference, sexual assault and invitation to sexual touching involving two youths, one of whom is only 12.

read the rest of the article by Rosie DiManno here

Below are some of Ms Kooger's MySpace picures. Ironically, her MySpace name is Koogerbabe.

I guess she decided the name Kooger was a license to be a "cougar." As to the "babe" part, evidently a great deal of license was taken.

UPDATE: And in the Strange but True department


chowdog714 said...

Remember the film with Rock Hudson and Angie Dickinson titled "Pretty Maids All in a Row"? This is a mockery of the whole premise of that excellent and racy for it's time flick.

Blazingcatfur said...

You know maybe people should be charged with desecrating the flag, some people anyway.

Richard K said...

That's one flag that shouldn't be lowered at night!