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Friday, January 14, 2011

Why I love the anti-Israel movement

Canada's Marxists and radical socialists represent a threat to liberal democracy.

Or at least they would if they weren't incompetent buffoons.

Still, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that many of them have insinuated themselves into our educational system at the university level, and even in some high schools and use their position to influence impressionable, weak minds. Generally dishonest about their political goals and motives, they get most upset when they are exposed.

Marxism has always led to totalitarianism in governmental practice and some of Canada's radicals have made no secret of their anti-democratic, violent intentions.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, with China's Communist party committed to that country's traditional local interest, and with Cuba's Castro ailing and nearing death, Communism just doesn't get people concerned anymore. And while for the most part it shouldn't, that doesn't mean that it can be completely dismissed.

As far as threats to western civilization go these days, extremist Islam, which combines irrational fanaticism with bloodthirstiness, presents the greatest danger.

But fanaticism of all kinds that oppose liberal democracies represent a danger to the freedoms we enjoy.

And that's one of the reasons Israel does such a service to the civilized world.  What cause unites moonbat socialists with hateful theocrats who want to kill apostates? There may be a passing issue, in that any time the west acts in the interests of itself and against totalitarianism in the middle east or third world, these two seemingly opposite ideologies converge.

But it's the matter of Israel where these ridiculous fanatics reveal their true nature. Unable to stomach the idea that a liberal democracy with a Jewish majority should be allowed to exist and defend itself from anti-democratic, violent, totalitarian enemies, they beclown themselves in their hysteria.

Sometimes it takes a bit of work to find ways of revealing how these radicals are indeed preposterous (ok, not so much work in the case of the 9-11 conspiracy nuts), but no one does all the work for you like the Israel-hating crazies. They make themselves look so utterly demented that it surpasses any possible parody.

These are people who have religious zealots who think homosexuals should be killed marching arm-in-arm with a group that calls itself "Queers against Israeli apartheid." How is it possible to make that look any more idiotic than it actually is?

Today's installment of our ongoing comedic adventure is provided by nutbar website rabble.ca, the neo-Marxist, union-financed mouthpiece for Canadian radicalism.

Rabble.ca has provided countless laughs to readers of this blog, so I am eternally grateful to Judy Rebick for having founded it.

Two Israel-haters, University of Western Ontario French Professor David Heap and Wendy Goldsmith, collaborated on a little paean to The Sea Hitler, the Canadian attempt to get a boat to break Israel's Gaza blockade.

I don't know if there's anything funny about Heap that I could write that isn't done better by his official University of Western Ontario faculty picture.

But it's Wendy Goldsmith, a London, Ontario social worker, who provides the clearest example of how it's really impossible to make these people look more foolish than they do on their own.

And she does it with a poem about her hatred for Israel that she wrote for rabble, an excerpt of which follows.

The poem is titled "in memory of the nine brave, courageous peace activists whose lives were stolen by murderous war criminals who spin lies, black out independent media, violate international law repeatedly! repeatedly! yes, this is for them...in memory of the nine brave, courageous peace activists who were murdered by Israeli soldiers, in the name of TRUTH."

No. That's not the excerpt. It's not the dedication. It's the title.

No, I'm not kidding. I only wish I could create parody that inventive.

This is the excerpt:

as long as the israeli lunatics
float down to deck
guns blazing like a bad scene in a low budget spaghetti western
or a disney kids' movie 

as long as conventions and international laws
mean no more than the toilet paper i use every morning

for as long as democracy rhymes with hypocracy

Really - how is it possible to expose the ridiculousness of fanaticism any better than something like this? It does all my work for me.

And that's why I love the anti-Israel fanatics!


Anonymous said...

In reality the left has was never been so much anti-poverty as it has been anti-wealth, and by destroying wealth, the left created more poverty. Not understanding this paradox, many people - including themselves - bought the con. Historically, this made the left dangerous, particularly in times of economic duress, which is when they were more likely to be elected.

Today, the left has broadened its focus to include issues such as racism, queer studies, gender studies, feminist theorizing, anti-semitism, anticolonialism, critical whiteness studies, wacko totalitarian creeds and climate frauds. This has so clearly demonstrated their lunacy that people throughout the civilized world are drifting steadily to the right, despite the ongoing economic crisis.

There is a lot to be thankful for.

Vorshat said...

Marks was right about Capitalism, but missed the one ultra important point - human nature.

Vorshat said...

I take it you're another Israeli cheerleader. Good luck with that. History will judge.