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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Turkey's revenge for Mavi Marmara raid - coming to a theatre not very near you

The Turkish Intelligence services exercise daring and bravery against the evil Zionists the way they do it best- in fiction.

From YNet News:
The already tense relations between Israel and Turkey are about to get even more strained. Turkish TV stations and cinemas have began showing trailers of a violent, anti-Israel film focusing on a fictitious Turkish revenge campaign in response to the killing of nine flotilla activists by the IDF last May.   
The film, "Valley of the Wolves – Palestine" will be released in January 28. It is being promoted as an anti-Zionist feature which is meant to raise awareness to "the Palestinians' terrible suffering" and shows Israel as a bloodthirsty regime. The $10 million production is the most expensive film ever made in Turkey.   
The film's trailer shows a Turkish secret agent brutally murdering IDF soldiers in an attempt to take out the Israeli officer who planned the raid on the Marmara and oversaw it. Israelis are depicted as a nation of murderers seeking to build "greater Israel" on the bodies of Palestinians. 
The film is the third is a series of features considered to be the Arab world's answer to "Rambo." The series is abundant in nationalistic-racist violent content and is directed against Turkey's enemies – The Kurds, Jews and Americans.

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Bob Devine said...

It will not surprise me when I read that this is the feature movie some Sunday night on CBC. Or maybe a follow up movie after Little Mosque On The Prairie.