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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sea Hitler swabbies say "Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism seek(s) to criminalize support for Palestinian human rights"

David Heap and Derrick O'Keefe are members of "the national steering committee" for what opponents have dubbed The Sea Hitler, a Canadian boat that a Marxist/Socialist/Islamist coalition hopes to use to undermine Israel's Gaza blockade, and they seem to be somewhat detached from reality.

In a column written by the two of them, presumably because it took their collective intelligence to compose something so abstruse, they (and in the case of Heap, not for the first time) have become hysterical and histrionic at criticism of their effort to tacitly enable Iranian arms smuggling to Hamas.

They accuse their critics of trying to "smear" them, although the best they can do for an alleged "smear" is the University of British Columbia's Alma Mater Society's investigation of possible terrorist links in a proposed Canadian aid boat to Gaza.  That was following the publicity of Omar "F*ck Canada Day" Shaban strong-arming approval for $700 of student funds to go to the Sea Hitler.

What Heap and O'Keefe can do, however, is produce some bizarre and unsubstantiated ravings such as "groups like the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism seek to criminalize support for Palestinian human rights, we refuse to be intimidated by the twin hysterical allegations of “terrorism” and “anti-Semitism.

But even more interesting is the Sea Hitler crew's admission that they don't really expect any "aid" to get to Gaza on the boat. "The significance of the international Freedom Flotilla movement is not in the amounts or types of goods we manage to bring in or out of Gaza, it is in challenging the blockade itself."

This confirms accusations that the purpose of the Sea Hitler and such efforts provide tacit, if, in some cases, unintentional assistance in Iran's efforts to smuggle weapons to Hamas.

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