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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why is rabble.ca obsessed with The National Post's Jonathan Kay being "obsessed" with lesbians?

Our favorite online Marxists today ask the question, Why is Jonathan Kay Obsessed With Lesbians?

On the surface, it seems a rather dimwitted question to which the answer is rather obvious. Kay is a reporter and he is reporting about subjects who frequently, almost incessantly, self-identify as lesbians. In fact, one of the things neither Kay (nor I until now) reported about last night's evening of hate that rabble references, was Jenny Peto's bizarre claim that criticism of her looney tunes, academically inept anti-Jew/anti-Israel screed was based on "homophobia."

One would think the amateur sociologists at rabble, who seem to conform to the official OISE doctrine of collective guilt for "privileged classes", should be asking the question: why is western society obsessed with lesbians? 
After all, in every heterosexual porno film, there seems to be at least one lesbian scene, but never a guy-on-guy scene.

Or at least, that’s what I’ve heard about porno, having (ahem) never seen one myself..cough..cough..

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