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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Regina Spektor's take on self-hating Jews

On her MySpace blog, Russian-born American singer, composer, pianist Regina Spektor articulated the perverse psychology that drives anti-Israel Jews:

..Sometimes it feels that if there were no more Jews, or Israel (for the two are synonymous- Israel is the geographic embodiment of the nation) all of this would stop. Even some Jews feel that way. Many of us try to un-Jew ourselves all the time. It comes from a mixture of fear, guilt of surviving while others didn't, and embarrassment. We are the root of our and the World's problems, it seems. It is the Jews themselves that you will hear speak out most strongly against Israel. The instinct that drives them is the same instinct that drove them to blend in, and then be very surprised when they were put in the ghetto, too. The were surprised when they were put on the train, too. They were surprised when they were put in the gas chamber, too. They were surprised all the way till Death. Because "they weren't like those OTHER Jews"... Well. A Jew is a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. 
And if anyone thinks that speaking out against Israel is anything other than thinly veiled anti-semitism, they are deeply mistaken. 
"Maybe if i am quiet and at the back of the class and look down they won't notice." That should not be the motto of the World. Nor should "Maybe if I'm the loudest to condemn Israel, they'll remember me as a friend later." Because eventually, when there is only you left in the class, you will get noticed. We all will.


MariaS said...

She has written from the heart...beautifully and so true.
I have often wondered why Israel's biggest critics are Jews themselves. We can keep asking the question and give thousands of reasons... but none of them make any real sense... not to me.

Anonymous said...

That is the end of me listening to regina spektor-
this is the most disguting thing ive ever read!

Richard K said...

Really? You can't have read much in your life then. Kind of confirms the notion that the anti-Israel bigots are semi-literate morons.