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Sunday, January 23, 2011

From the Wall Street Journal: Point Man on U.S. Sanctions on Iran to Depart

ISTANBUL—The point man for the Obama administration's financial wars on Iran, North Korea and al Qaeda, Stuart Levey, has decided to leave his senior U.S. Treasury Department post at what is turning out to be a particularly critical time.  
Mr. Levey's departure will leave President Barack Obama without the principal architect of Washington's economic-sanctions campaign against Tehran, just as that campaign is likely to be ramped up following the breakdown of talks among Iran, the U.S. and a bloc of global powers on Saturday.  
The negotiations, held in Turkey, were aimed at curtailing Iran's nuclear program. With no date set for a resumption of the dialogue, American and European diplomats acknowledged here that they would likely need to put in place more of the economic penalties against Iran that Mr. Levey's office has been central to implementing over the past year. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill, meanwhile, are vowing to increase pressure for more punishing sanctions.
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