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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Clearly I`m in the wrong business: Grand Theft Auto V makes $800 Million on its first day of sales

(Reuters) - Take-Two Interactive Software Inc racked up $800 million in first-day retail sales of Grand Theft Auto V, the fifth installment of the lucrative franchise that went on sale around the world on Tuesday.

The sales figure marked a first-day record for the Grand Theft Auto series in which players freely roam, mainly via automobiles, in a make-believe gameworld based on real-life locations such as Los Angeles.

Sales of $800 million would translate to 13 million to 14 million units of the game sold, according to analysts.


The Hammer said...

Yeah, but it cost a fortune and years to make. It takes a lot to come out with a game like this.

Richard K said...

It does take a lot of time, but they cost a lot less than they typical Hollywood big-budget movie, none of which has ever come close to making this kind of money so quickly.

The Hammer said...

Yes very true. And for the consumer it is more bang for the buck. The $70 cost may sound high. however with a GTA game you can easily get 100-300 total hours of entertainment out of it.

And made by the same company, Red Dead Redemption is a must have for any one who ever wanted to be a cowboy. Like GTA in the old west.