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Friday, September 27, 2013

Organic Food is Bullshit


Anonymous said...

I wonder when Penn & Teller will explore the bullshit of Ayn Rand and Objectivism? Oh right, they won't because they drink that bullshit with their Kool-Aid.

Richard K said...

I've never heard Teller talk about Rand.

And in any case, that takes nothing away from the bullshit they have exposed, like organic food.

Anonymous said...

Uhuh.. How about bringing in scientists for the organic side and redneck libertarians to arvue for agrochemicals. There are hundreds -- hundreds -- of studies that dispute these findings, contrary to the Hudson Institute PR shilling.

Richard K said...

Yeah, whatever.

I know that if you ever want to see some seriously unhealthy, miserable-looking people, all you have to do is check out a health food store or the organic food section of your local supermarket.