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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Robert Spencer speaks in Toronto

By quoting Islamic law and facts and the pervasive hate-mongering and intolerance embedded in Islamic teaching, Robert Spencer is, with perverse irony, himself accused of being a hate-monger.  In our declining society, telling the truth and pointing out the hatred and viciousness of an evil ideology is now a form of "hate speech".


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of those idiot anti-Semites who "quote" the Talmud.

Richard K said...

Yeah, if it were as an excuse to be biased towards all Muslims. But it isn't and there's a significant difference between the two.

Rabbis throughout the world aren't advocating the killing of Gays, the stoning of adulterers, the murder of Christians, Hindus and other "infidels" and using antiquated quotes from ancient texts to justify it.

But that is happening all over the Islamic world, where Christians face the death penalty for "insulting" Mohammed in Pakistan, where Muslim Brotherhood Imams in Egypt and the Palestinian territories are preaching to thousands and thousands that Jews are "the descendants of apes and pigs" in order to 'justify' their murders.

The comparison you offered simply doesn't demonstrate an understanding of what is happening in much of the Islamic world. Most Muslims, certainly in Canada and the US don't regularly attend mosque and don't buy into the vicious nonsense that a literal interpretation of the Koran demands. But many do, and in Islamic republics like Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc their education systems are Koran-based, so children are indoctrinated with that hatred.

And many of those indoctrinated people are immigrating to the west and spreading that hate. You can see a small example of it at the annual al Quds day hate fests.