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Sunday, September 22, 2013

OCAP's poverty pimps want private property expropriated so that Toronto Downtown East Side skid row can rival Vancouver's

The Ontario Coalition for Poverty's John Clarke doesn't think mixed residential (combination of middle class market-rate dwellings combined with 'social housing' units) is a good idea. He says the poor become "persecuted minorities" in those areas.

He wants the City to expropriate properties slated for development that are not currently in use to turn them into public housing in Toronto's downtown east side.

Public Housing in Toronto is currently a disaster. What was intended to be a temporary solution for people while they improved their financial situation has become a shameful legacy that sees multi-generational poverty encouraged by bad public policy.

Public Housing neighborhoods like Jane/Finch, St. Jamestown, Regent Park, and Alexandra Park among others in Toronto are plagued with shootings, drug dealing and a culture where failure is accepted as the norm.

OCAP wants to mobilize its base of professional poverty pimps, the mentally ill and bribed street people to pressure the City into acceding to their demands, which could  cost hundreds of millions plus outlandish ongoing maintenance expenses.


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Unknown said...

Clarke calls that lot as a "strategic neighbourhood". One of the residents of the area told me that moving people into that neighbourhood would be a disaster- they need to get people out of there.

Anonymous said...

OCAP's John Clarke has always worried about poverty - that is his own.

Here he is begging for you to fund his pension plan.


Richard K said...

I'm no fan of John Clarke, but the fundraising appeal linked to in the above anonymous comment is typical of pretty much every NGO. It isn't more likely to be for his specific personal gain than any other NGO leader would personally benefit from donations. Yes he draws a salary and probably a pension, but so do they all.

The Hammer said...

So he wants to create US style housing projects? The same kind of housing projects that have been a disaster for the poor in large US cities.