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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The veil drops at a meeting of Toronto`s "pro-Palestine" communists, Islamists and Jew-haters

The website Veterans Today and Iran's English-language propaganda service PRESS TV share many things in common. Among them are Holocaust-denial, a penchant for 9-11 conspiracy theories suggesting mental instability, hatred of both Jews and Israel, and a detestation of western civilization.
Eric Walberg

No credible person would allow him or herself to be closely associated with either, so it's no wonder that they both use the same correspondents, including Canada's own lunatic conspiracy theorist Joshua Blakeney, as well as the pro-Islamist creep Eric Walberg.

Toronto's Beit Zatoun, a meeting-place for Marxist, Islamist and anti-Israel cretins operating under the facade of "pro-Palestinian" activism is hosting Walberg tonight. The event is being promoted by the neo-Marxist website rabble.ca, which is published by the spouse of federal NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies.

Walberg is a hateful 9-11 conspiracy nut who has declared: "Secular Judaism and Christianity either need to self-destruct and rebuild, or disillusioned people from those traditions can embrace Islam. (Norwegian mass-murderer) Breivik and his neocon friends know this deep down. But just as Communism was not an external threat neither is Islam. They both are only threats because they stood/ stand as a beacon of hope for the disillusioned. " and "we are all Jews now”, i.e., all worshippers of Mammon, promoters of the ego/ self."

Western leftist Israel haters often repeat the lie that it is "Zionism" they want to eliminate but not Jews.

But it doesn't require much looking to see the truth behind the lie they tell.

The Beit Zatoun event tonight will likely only draw the regular small, pathetic assembly of slime that usually frequent the place.

No decent person would go near Beit Zatoun without good reason. But it's important to know what sort of thing goes on there.

UPDATE: Local Khomeinist stooge Zafar Bangash will also be hosting the Jew-hating Walberg at his Islamo-fascist hate hub, the Islamic Society of York Region.

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