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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Hypocrisy of Using TIFF as a Political Platform

So filmmaker John Greyson's friends use the platform of TIFF to clamour for his release from an Egyptian jail. Academics, actors, writers and other filmmakers of international repute. That's what friends do for friends, right?

But hold on for a minute. Let's review some of that equation.

Let's first talk about the sheer hypocrisy of using TIFF as a platform, and then we'll focus on working in the field and getting arrested in the first place.

This is the same John Greyson who, in 2009, used the same TIFF platform to make a very vocal protest against the Festival's "City to City" spotlight on Tel Aviv.

And in protest he withdrew his short film, Covered.

Greyson criticized "the opportunism of TIFF, which seems increasingly eager to court dubious partnerships, such as the Israeli consulate's 'Brand Israel Campaign,'" and asked about "the extent of Israeli sponsorship."

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