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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Canada's pro-Assad, pro-Iran 5th column

There are plenty of good reasons for the west not to get mixed up in Syria's civil war.

The dithering, inept leadership from the White House has made the situation even worse, because Syrians fighting for democracy and rule of law know they can rely on America for no more support than when President Obama abandoned the students of Iran's "Green Revolution" to the brutality of the mullahs.

Western intervention in Syria might have produced a good outcome over a year and a half ago. The rebellion against Bashar Assad's dictatorship began with Syrians inspired by the shift to democracy that seemed to be sweeping through the Muslim Middle East.

But now the Syrian rebellion, like the rest of the "Arab Spring," has been overrun by depraved Jihadists trying to impose a tyrannical form of Sharia that could make even the serial killer Bashar Assad look like Marcus Aurelius.

As Henry Kissinger famously said of the Iran-Iraq War, "can they both lose?"

At the pro-Assad rally
(via GenuineWitty)
Nonetheless, there are groups of people in Canada who are adamant that the west should not attack Assad, even following his use of chemical weapons that killed women and children.

Some of them were out yesterday on a muggy Toronto afternoon, the last day of an excessively humid August, dragging along children with Bashar Aassad's dour, moustached face emblazoned on t-shirts above the caption "we love you."

Why is it that they are so passionate in their zeal to protect a vicious mass-murderer?

Some are Syrian expats beholden to the regime.

But others are working for the interests of Iran, and Syria is one of the Iranian dictatorship's few allies. And they are becoming frenetic with worry as one of the last holdouts of tyranny sympathetic to the Khomeinst regime is on the ropes.

These people who are so devoted to Iran include Canadian radical leftists like those in the so-called Canadian Peace Alliance.

Sid Lacombe at the 2013 al Quds Day rally
The leader of the Canadian Peace Alliance, Sid Lacombe, is a regular speaker at Khomeinist al Quds Day hate fests. He uses that platform, not to call for human rights to be respected by the torturers, rapists and killers in the Iranian regime, but to attack Canada's Prime Minister and Canadian policies.

One of Lacombe's stooges is an oddball named Ken Stone, who was present at a pro-Assad rally in Toronto yesterday.

Ken Stone (in hat) and Ali Mallah (beard)
at pro-Assad rally in Toronto
via (GenuineWitty)
Stone was an invited guest of the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, who whined about being asked questions about his visit to Iran by Canadian Security Services. It  takes a remarkable degree of hypocrisy to praise the vicious Syrian regime of Assad, while being able to slam the door in the face of Canadian Security agents with no repercussions, and then complain about Canada's repressiveness. That degree of hypocrisy seems to come naturally to Ken Stone.

Also at the pro-Assad rally was the notorious union apparatchik, Ali Mallah, an individual who suppressed Canadian Union of Public Employees criticism of the genocide in Darfur because it makes Muslims and Arabs look bad.

The Canadian servants of Middle Eastern dictators and their useful idiot acolytes are among us. Professing to care care about Human Rights, what they actually care about are the totalitarian dictatorships to whose interests they are so closely aligned.

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Anonymous said...

Reddit's r/syriancivilwar has an interesting thread by someone who helped organize a protest in Montreal with some Syrian-Canadians against intervention while being told the protest would be neutral towards both sides.... Only to get a bunch of men in Assad t-shirts and communists calling the rebels terrorists. http://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/1ljicg/so_i_helped_organise_the_antiwar_demo_in_montreal/