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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hamas' useless idiots Greyson & Loubani switching to Theresa Spence weight loss program

Something anti-Israel fanatics John Greyson and Tarek Loubani evidently didn't count on is that, not counting hardcore Egyptian Islamists, the military coup that removed the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi from power has widespread support among Egyptians.

Protests larger and more intense than anything previous, including what some had called the largest mass protest in the history of the world, made up of up to 20 million people, a quarter of Egypt's population, rallied in Cairo to call to an end to the Muslim Brotherhood's tyranny. Morsi, in true fascist fashion, tried to undermine democracy by giving himself autocratic powers more sweeping than anything claimed by Hosni Mubarak.

Egyptians despise the Muslim Brotherhood and their proxy group Hamas, which is wreaking terror against Egypt in Sinai. It must have come as a shock to Greyson and Loubani that Egyptians would be distinctly unimpressed that they intended to go off to support Muslim Brotherhood-ruled Gaza.

Now supporters of the pair of Hamas terror enablers want Canada's Prime Minister to personally intervene on their behalf or they have threatened to only drink fruit juice for the rest of their 15 day detention period.

From the Globe and Mail:
Dr. Tarek Loubani and John Greyson planned to stop eating on Monday to protest the extension of their detention for another 15 days, said a friend, Justin Podur. The two will drink only fruit juice.
Humans can easily survive on fruit juice for 15 days, particularly under the inactive circumstances afforded by incarceration.

I expect Egypt will want to rid themselves of the useless Canadian idiots in the not distant future. If Egypt wanted to perform an altruistic act of humanitarianism, they should consider extracting a promise from Greyson to stop making the horrible, tasteless, boring creations he has the audacity to describe as "films."

Unfortunately, it's unlikely anything in this world will prevent Greyson from going on some self-promoting, sanctimonious tour when he returns, in which he will be interminably described as a hero. Because among his circle, incredible stupidity and vapid hypocrisy are as close to heroism as they are likely to get.

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kingqueen said...

BRAVO!!! You make me laugh!!!

Kamloops Kid said...

perhaps the two of them can tour Canada together with Omar Khadr. I'll even bet that both the NDP and Liberal parties will even vie to see which one of them can run under their banner for Parliament!

Anonymous said...

So basically they're throwing a tantrum because they didn't get what they wanted?

How old are they again? 2?

Anne said...

Their experiences abroad are sure to increase their appeal with their crowd.

mony said...


Richard K said...

Sadly, I think Kamloops is right on this. They both tried to recruit Maher Arar's wife. She is now writing pro-Muslim Brotherhood pieces for rabble.ca and but for the grace of Allah, she could have been sitting in Parliament as a NDP or Liberal MP.

Minicapt said...

Basically a cleansing fast at your favourite spa: