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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hezbollah’s Man in London: The Improbable Rise of Wild-Eyed Jeremy Corbyn

Few people outside Britain have heard of Jeremy Corbyn. Even here in his hometown of London, otherwise well-informed citizens have spent fulfilled and productive lives in ignorance of his existence. Corbyn’s campaign to become leader of the UK’s opposition Labour party is worth noticing, however – and dissecting too.  It reveals the double standards of much of the rich world’s left.

Corbyn is not a wholly wicked man. Often, he is a tireless fighter against every form of injustice. No reduction in public expenditure or cut in welfare escapes his notice. He never has a good word to say about any commercial enterprise or Western government. This may sound biased, but as corporations are often crooked and governments often corrupt, the prejudice is hardly a hanging offense.

It is impossible to imagine him leading Labour to victory, which is why right-wing Brits are paying £3 ($5) to register as Labour supporters and vote for him in the leadership primary. But if you are homeless and in need of a bed, or your employer is threatening to sack you, or you cannot afford to feed your children, Corbyn is on your side. He has a purity and certainty his rivals, who must deal with the messy business of governing, cannot hope to match.

But then comes the rub. The tribune of the left, the indomitable defender of equality and decency, is also the greatest apologist for clerical fascism in the British parliament.

Corbyn indulges radical Islam, and by extension  all that comes with it: the subjugation of women; the judicial murder of homosexuals in compliance with sharia law; the racism, most evident in its anti-Semitic conspiracy theories; the denial of democratic rights, the demand to create a global caliphate must bring; and the denial of religious freedom the sharia-prescribed death penalties for blasphemy and apostasy do bring with miserable regularity...

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