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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Iranian leader announces nuclear deal

All else aside, a close examination of the specific contents of this week’s nuclear deal between Iran’s Khomeinist regime and the United States reveals a meticulously structured bargain of explicit commitments, obligations, assurances, guarantees and timetables. It’s terribly complicated in spots, but it’s otherwise all perfectly straightforward. The Americans led the talks on behalf of China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany, and, all else aside, the expectations of all the parties involved are satisfied. A good deal, then, all round.

But that happy evaluation can be made only by putting all else aside, which means leaving out all those things that matter to hundreds of millions of Iranians, Arabs, Israelis and others in the Middle East. It will mean leaving out all else that encompasses the criminal and expansionist belligerence of the Khomeinist regime in the region, and leaving out, particularly, the regime’s ceaseless oppression of the Iranian people themselves. Even if we could trust the regime to live up to its end of President Barack Obama’s legacy bargain — and only a fool would think the Khomeinists can be trusted — all else is what remains unresolved...

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