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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Palestinian family in Canada returns to Gaza to improve their standard of living

Lying anti-Israel fanatics keep telling you that Gaza is like "a concentration camp." 

...In November, 2008, Ihab al-Aloul and his wife Somaya left Gaza City and took their six children to Vancouver, British Columbia.
Last fall, they moved back.

The benefits and drawbacks to that decision play out differently for each family member, and also provide a glimpse into life in Gaza.

One benefit for the al-Alouls in Gaza is a private swimming pool. On a recent afternoon, workers installed a new lawn around the pool patio. The squares of grass were grown on a local sod farm. One drawback: the irrigation water is salty - much of the tap water in Gaza is brackish. Aloul says it's not the best for the grass but "it's not killing that much."

In Canada, the family's apartment had no yard, let alone a pool...

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