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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rhinos’ horns to be fitted with spy cameras and alarms to help catch poachers

The last remaining rhinos on Earth could be fitted with spy cameras in their horns and heart monitors to help catch poachers in a move hailed as a “game changer” by animal protection activists.

With a rhino killed every six hours in Africa, it is feared the animal could be hunted to extinction by 2035, but a British-made system called  Rapid – Real-time Anti-Poaching Intelligence Device – could make all the difference.

The system includes a camera, a heart-rate monitor linked to an alarm and a satellite-tracking device to enable the authorities to scramble a helicopter as soon as a rhino is killed.

The camera in the animal’s horn would then be used to provide evidence against the poachers.

It is hoped that system, which could also be adapted to fit animals like elephants and tigers, will be trialled in South Africa by early next year...

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