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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Man Faces 6 Months in Jail For Disagreeing With Feminists on Twitter

UPDATE: The video is gone from YouTube, but you can see it and Chrstie Blatchford's article at the National Post



Anonymous said...

"Now, let's get a few facts straight: Elliott is not on trial for having a difference of opinion with someone. He is on trial for criminal harassment. He tried repeatedly to contact Guthrie even after she had explicitly asked him to leave them alone. He monitored Guthrie's movements via Twitter, shadowed events she attended, and flooded any hashtag she participated in. He made it clear that he was following her every move by publicly commenting on her tweets, even after she had blocked him. He sent messages to people who interacted with her online, making it clear that he was observing everything she did.

Elliot, as the Toronto Star reported, is further charged with breaking a peace bond for doing these things.

Whether all of that constitutes criminal harrassment or not is what the court will determine. But you wouldn't know it from Blatchford's latest article, in which none of these facts are mentioned." http://canadalandshow.com/article/christie-blatchford-worst

Richard K said...

Well, everything I've heard so far suggests in the strongest way that the complainant herself is just as guilty of the type of behavior for which she has had someone criminally charged. I'd love to see the full transcript of this trial.