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Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's this simple: either John Tory keeps his promise to privatize garbage collection east of Yonge, or he lied to get into office

Garbage collection has improved substantially in the side of Toronto west of Yonge Street since the service on that half of the city was contracted out to a private enterprise. Complaints about garbage collection have fallen 10% since privatization. Meanwhile, complaints have risen by 29% over the same period on the east side of Yonge where garbage is still collected by City employees.

According to the Toronto Star:
The city points to its older garbage trucks as a possible culprit.

“We are seeing a trend that our fleet is aging, so that may be a key factor in the east side of things,” said Beth Goodger, general manager of the city’s solid waste division. “Our fleet is getting older and we need to replace it.

“Other than that, there is no obvious reason.”

No other obvious reason????!!! How about the fact that CUPE, the union representing most civic employees, is one of the most useless, corrupt unions in Canada?

When John Tory ran for mayor, he made a big deal about privatizing garbage pick-up east of Yonge, indeed mocking his socialist, union-backed rival Olivia Chow for her refusal to consider doing it.

Almost a year into his term, Tory has still left the garbage file untouched. Telling the public one thing to get elected and doing something absolutely different while in office is an old politicians' trick, one which is why so many people are cynical about the political process.

For all his failings, former mayor Rob Ford was always honest about what he wanted to do as far as municipal policies went.

John Tory? The jury's still out.

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