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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Everything Bill Maher says about Islamic extremism was confirmed at Toronto's al Quds Day rally

If two thousand vicious, swastika-waving neo-Nazis blocked traffic for an hour marching by the Legislature in downtown Toronto, while chanting through loudspeakers about destroying America and shouting insane conspiracy theories about Jews, you can bet your life the mainstream media would report it.

Toronto did have two thousand bloodthirsty, fascist maniacs doing just that on Saturday afternoon. But instead of reporting about it, the mainstream media went out of their way to ignore it, or distort it to try to create sympathy for those who rallied to promote hatred and violence. Because it wasn't old fashioned Nazis rallying on Saturday. It was the new Nazis; the Islamic fascist cult of Iran's deranged Ayatollah Khomeini, with their al Quds Day rally, which is a call for a genocide of Jews in Israel and to murder Americans in order to bring Iranian dominance to the middle east.

These are the Nazis that the media is afraid to criticize, for fear of being called Islamophobic. One Toronto media outlet,  NOW Magazine, a free weekly that professes to be "progressive" while it hypocritically makes large sums of money from the exploitation of sex slaves, actually promoted the Khomeinist hate festival as a "can't miss event." Calling it a "protest against Islamophobia," as NOW did, is only accurate if objecting to the promotion of terrorist groups like Hezbollah and denouncing calls for the mass murders of Jews is "Islamophobic."

The al Quds Day rallies don't change much from year-to-year. They feature the same speakers, all fanatics who desperately want the destruction of Israel, who claim that Iran, under its murderous ayatollahs, is a beacon of human rights, and exhibit religiously-inspired depravity that seems indistinguishable from severe mental illness.

Brandishing portraits of the leader of  the
terror group Hezbollah
Anyone who doubts Bill Maher and Sam Harris' assertion that "Islam is the motherload of bad ideas" only needs to attend an al Quds Day rally to see it confirmed. No, most Muslims in Canada and the US are not represented by the savage Khomeinists at al Quds Day. But it's also not just a small handful. The al Quds Day Islamofascists are bused in by the thousands from their Islamic Centres, mosques, and madrassahs and it highlights the need for immigration reform to prevent more such poison from infecting Canadian cities.

Following a frenzy of fury they directed at the US consulate, Islamists admiringly carried portraits of Khomeini and Hezbollah leader Nasrallah as they snaked their way up University Avenue and around Queen's Park Circle . Among the al Quds Day organizers was Ali Mallah, a former leader of the Canadian Arab Federation, an organization which a federal judge ruled is both a supporter of terrorism and is anti-Semitic. Mallah is a nexus of the grotesque wedding between radical leftists masquerading as peace activists and fanatical, pro-terrorist Islamists. In addition to his involvement with radical Islamists, he has served on the boards of socialist organizations opposed to Israel's survival, such as the so-called Canadian Peace Alliance and Alternatives International.  Mallah is also a former vice-President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, who used his union position to try to suppress criticism of the genocide in Darfur, because according to him, drawing attention to it is also Islamophobic.

Ali Mallah
The main impresario of Toronto's al Quds Day is a local Islamic leader named Zafar Bangash.  He is president of the Islamic Society of York Region and an avid acolyte of Iran's psychopathic ayatollahs. This person who equates Zionism with racism refers to US President Barack Obama as "a perfect Uncle Tom" and "that black man in the White House."

Taking the microphone at the rally, Bangash became apoplectic when speaking about Stephen Harper. The detestation Bangash has for the Canadian Prime Minister is palpable. It's understandable, since Harper is the representation of the opposite of everything Bangash stands for: Harper is a democratic leader on the global stage, Bangash is a two-bit toady for a totalitarian, theocratic oligarchy; Harper is working to combat terrorism, Bangash wants to normalize relations with terror groups like Hezbollah; and worst of all, Harper is very supportive of Israel, a country that protects gay rights and women's rights, while Bangash is in the service of its arch-enemy, Iran.

Sensitive to charges of racism and bigotry, Bangash tried to deflect the obvious anti-Semitism of al Quds Day by drawing attention to "the honorable rabbis" who were there in solidarity with the Khomeinists. Being called 'honorable' by Zafar Bangash is not unlike being called a rational thinker by Charlie Manson. The 'rabbis' to whom he referred were four characters from a bizarre, inbred, apocalyptic cult called Neutrei Karta. The pathetic souls who are members of that sect often bear the physical and mental deformities of that inbreeding. Looking like extras from a repertoire company performing Fiddler on the Roof that had been cast from circus geeks, Neutrei Karta are anxious to hasten an Armageddon which they believe will usher in the era of the messiah. That apocalyptic aspiration is something Neutrei Karta shares with the Khomeinists, who believe bringing about the ultimate end of days catastrophe will conjure a mythical twelfth Imam.
Something the counter-protest had that
the al Quds maniacs did not - attractive women

There were also counter-demonstrators at the al Quds Day hate-fest, organized in large part by the Jewish Defense League. Many carried signs mocking the Khomeinists and their brutal regime in Iran. Among the counter-protest signs were some reading, "Happy al Quds Day! Death to Israeli Zionists for treating women as equals" and "We do not have gay people in Iran - since 1979." That seemed to really get up the nose of Zafar Bangash. At his closing speech at Queen's Park, Bangash ranted and raved about the Jewish Defense League, and invented weird lies about them, such as that they had bribed people with beer to attend the counter protest. (N.B. - if that's true JDL, you owe me a beer!)

There are many of the Jewish Defense League's positions and approaches with which I take issue. But they deserve a great deal of credit for actually taking a stand and confronting the degenerate hatemongers of al Quds Day on the streets, while the "Official Jews" who run major, better financed organizations are too timid to do so.  The extent to which they infuriated a vile fanatic like Zafar Bangash is of itself ample reason to support them.

It was interesting to note the presence of police surveillance taking video and pictures of the Khomeinists. That precaution makes a great deal of sense. If the al Quds Day cultists are prepared to take to the streets in support of terrorism, then what they may be getting up to away from the public eye could be vastly more worrisome.

Getting a record of Iran's proxies in Canada

Neutrei Karta nutters and their Khomeinist wrangler
via BCF
Chants of "Blood red, green and white, Palestine will always fight!" over loudspeakers accompanied these terror-supporting marchers. They were upset that Palestinian missiles launched from Gaza were not as successful at murdering as many Israelis as they would have liked.

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