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Friday, July 10, 2015

Poll says majority of Canadians support bill to force unions to disclose spending and salaries

Many years ago, I worked in the Ontario civil service and was automatically enrolled in a public service union, for which dues were automatically deducted from my paycheque.

I never was told how the union was spending the money, and had then known what I know now, I would have been extremely upset. But OPSEU, of which I was a member, isn't as batshit depraved as CUPE. If I were a member of that organization, and even based on the little we know about it, I would either have sued or possibly burned down CUPE headquarters rather than hand its slimy union bosses money to finance their vile activities.

It turns out that despite media advocacy and the hard work of NDP and Liberal politicians who are owned by the unions, a significant majority of Canadians approve to prevent the Union Transparency Bill. That naturally includes a majority of union supporters, who are very interested to learn how the tax free money the workers are forced to give over to the union bosses is spent.

Many legal experts hate it, pro-labour groups lambast it and the Senate manipulated its own rules to pass it, but Canadians overwhelmingly support a new union transparency bill, according to a new poll.

Nearly two thirds — 62 per cent — of Canadians approve of Bill C-377, legislation that requires unions to disclose expenses over $5,000 and salaries over $100,000, an exclusive Forum Research poll shows. Support remains high among self-identified union supporters: 59 per cent of them said they support more disclosure. Support spikes among Conservative-aligned respondents to 81 per cent, which could help explain why the party helped ram the bill through ahead of the expected October election.

Only 18 per cent of those surveyed disapproved of the bill, though that rises to 28 per cent among union members and 49 per cent of New Democrats...

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