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Friday, July 3, 2015

Sea Hitler crew confronted by Jewish Defense League upon return to Canada

There were two Canadians among the activists on the latest Sea Hitler boat trying to break Israel's embargo of the terror group Hamas in Gaza.

Two narcissistic Canadian clowns pretending to be "human rights activists," Kevin Neish and Robert Lovelace, were detained and promptly deported by Israel. They were greeted by two groups when they disembarked in Toronto. Sea Hitler supporters like David Heap and Khomeinist al Quds day hate-fest speaker Sandra Ruch were there to press their blubber against the returning fanatics, and some angry Jewish Defense League members also were there to confront them.


Tom said...

Being disruptive at an airport is all kinds of stupid. The JDLers are lucky they weren't arrested.

George said...

These terrorist supporters should be arrested, tried and ideally executed for treason and supporting terrorism.
Don't we specifically have laws against supporting and providing support for terrorism?