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Friday, July 10, 2015

Hey, stupid Toronto politicians, thanks for spending $2.5 Billion on Pan Am Games that no one gives a crap about

Seriously, besides the athletes competing in it, no one really wanted this thing but our narcissistic politicians (and their developer/contractor donors who are making a killing at taxpayer expense).


David B. said...

The Pan Am Games in Winnipeg in 1999 costed $120 million. The Toronto 2015 games costs must be about a 2000% increase. That can't be all due to inflation.

gama said...

Taranta's penis/vulva envy , desperately trying to equate 'IT'S' Pan Am games to Vancouver's winter Olympics .... hilarious if it wasn't such a pricy and childish One-upmanship !
!!! Who's got more junk in their socialist trunk !

gama said...

Taranta’s penis/vulva/T&A envy ....constantly comparing it’s Pan am games to the winter Olympic games held in Vancouver, the CBC has gone Pravda on steroids ... this is absolutely the greatest show on earth in the greatest city in the universe ........hilarious if it wasn't such an expensive , childish ( Kardashian) One-upmanship !