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Thursday, July 2, 2015

You can thank OISE and "Social Justice Math" for plunging grades in Canadian schools

Math scores are plummeting in Canadian schools.

The reason why is no mystery. Math is about numbers, but the most influential institution in Canadian education wants math in schools to be about something completely different.

For years, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, an ideological cesspool of Marxist-derived drivel, has been pushing the philosophy and implementing the practice that Math classes should be used to condition children to their own particular set of political and social values.

Hence both directly through OISE teachers placed in schools, and from its graduates who go on to teach and write curricula throughout Canada, the idea that Math should be used to instruct kids that capitalism is bad has found its way into classrooms.

Kids aren't memorizing times tables any more, but under OISE's auspices, they are being taught in Math class that the way to solve the world's social problems is to abolish the US military budget.

So a Canadian employer, who finds that a prospective employee with a Canadian university degree is semi-literate and innumerate, has in large measure OISE to thank for the need to recruit foreign workers with better skills.

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