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Friday, August 14, 2015

American Campus Idiocy Update

Is it any wonder we're producing a generation of idiots? North American Universities are staffed by imbeciles. Here are some of the latest travesties:

...(UC Santa Barbara) maintains a website, SexInfo Online, apparently curated by students. These students “have studied advanced topics in human sexuality,” according to the website—a depressing state of affairs, given how uninformed the website is. A webpage, “Different Types of Sexual Assault,” asserts that sexual assault is a “continuum” of behaviors so broad it is virtually certain that all women will be assaulted at some point—not just on campus, but everywhere. According to the website:
Sexual assault includes any unwanted sexual contact, be it verbal, visual, or physical.  It is a continuum rather than a single type of behavior with a set definition.  When one examines the sexual assault continuum, it can be assumed that every woman will experience some form of sexual assault.  The following list contains the terms and definitions that make up the sexual assault continuum in alphabetical order.  However, the sexual assault continuum is not necessarily limited to this list.
A University of Kansas student was expelled for calling his ex-girlfriend a “psycho bitch” on Twitter. The tweet, which did not mention the woman by the name—and was not visible to her—is disallowed under Title IX, KU has argued.
The matter is now before the Kansas Court of Appeals. Both the American Civil Liberties Union and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education have filed briefs in support of the former student...
And in one of the most stunning examples of University administration idiocy you'll ever see:
It was supposed to be a stunt to point out the silliness of banning unwanted activity by decree, but a college conservative group in Oregon was stunned at the reason school officials killed their proposed “murder free zone.”

Portland State University’s College Republicans chapter sought permission to set up a table on campus to generate support for the idea, but school officials said their effort could promote violence against them. Now the group and First Amendment advocates say it is school officials who need to study up – on the Constitution.

“In the murder-free zone we were looking to create, nobody will be killed with guns, knives, sticks, or anything of the sort,” said Christian Britschgi, political director of Oregon’s College Republican Federation chapter....

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