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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Canadian schools finally starting to use Khan Academy methods

When I ran for School Trustee, which I lost, coming in a close 8th place out of 9 candidates, I was the only one in the campaign in the city advocating this technique, which was first used by Sal Khan. Its success is substantial, since it allows kids to review lessons uninterrupted, at their own pace, and utilize class time much more effectively :

TORONTO -- As Canadian kids prepare to head back to school, there's a growing movement gaining traction across the country that involves students learning their lessons at home and doing their homework at school.

It's called the "flipped classroom" -- students watch an online video of a lesson as homework, and then work on problems during class time.

The method is becoming more prominent as technology in schools allows for videos to be accessed easily, either on custom-made sites, on YouTube or downloaded to a device....

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