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Saturday, August 22, 2015

NDP radicals deserve same scrutiny as Conservatives

...NDP candidates all over the country are supporting radical ideas and showing disdain for everyday Canadians...

NDP candidate Aaron Paquette, for instance, wrote in 2013, “Don’t kid yourself. Canada wasn’t born of debate but of slaughter, treachery and theft. The Charter is written in blood.”

That’s not some random crazy person barging in front of cameras at an NDP rally. This is from a current NDP candidate in Edmonton. Thomas Mulcair wants us to vote for a guy who seems to believe that Canada was engaging in a massacre as recently as 1982, when the Charter of Rights was passed.

Yet no one has bothered to ask Mulcair whether he agrees with his candidate. If he doesn’t agree, why is he asking us to vote for the guy?

In 2004, the media did its job and held the Conservative Party’s feet to the fire. They asked the hard questions and scrutinized local candidates for saying absurd things.
In 2015, the rest of the media seem to be asleep at the switch when it comes to NDP candidates and their whacky ideas...

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