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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

If you're a woman mad at "pick-up guru" Roosh V's misogyny, telling him "eat my c%nt!" may not be the wisest choice of words

Some strange American "pick-up guru," which of itself is a remarkably sleazy concept, has created an idiotic distraction in Canada this week.

Canada has its own domestic creeps and oddballs selling "seduction skills," such as the so-called Dimitri the Lover, who profit from the incredibly insecure and gullible.  Mostly they go unnoticed.

However an online petition generated media attention leading to statements by Toronto's mayor John Tory announcing that one of these characters, who goes by the moniker Roosh V, is not welcome in Canada's most populous metropolis.

Roosh V. is particularly controversial in that he has sarcastically advocated that rape should be made legal on private property. Whether he is serious about all he says or it's all a form of bizarre performance art is unknown. What is known is that thanks to the activists and politicians who are so upset about Roosh V coming to Canada, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity has been generated  for what otherwise would have been a barely-noticed oddity.

A few days ago, Roosh V was spotted at a bar in Montreal, where he was confronted by an angry mob who threw drinks on him and chased him down a street. In a rather absurd paradox, one of the furious females hurling invective at Roosh V, enraged at his sexualization of women, yelled at him, "eat my cunt!"

I would imagine that's the sort of result Roosh V would see as proof that his techniques work.

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