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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vote Rhino! Their candidates aren't as vile as the NDP's!

The satirical Rhinoceros Party is back on the scene, and it much needed relief.

Their policies are intentionally absurd. however, they still aren't nearly as crazy-sounding as some of the sincere positions from NDP candidates.

It's tough to top the stupid of people like Linda "I've got a crush on socialist dictator Hugo Chavez" McQuaig.

...The Rhinoceros party has been on and off the election trail since 1963 and it’s ready to run again.

This time, it’s promising, among other things, to move Canada’s capital from Ottawa to Kapuskasing, Ont. — because it’s in the middle of the country.

If the satirical Rhinos win a majority, they also have a big pilot project in their 2015-3015 election platform: the privatization of the Canadian army and the nationalization of Tim Hortons.

Party leader Sebastien CoRhino Corriveau was hoping to make the announcement Monday at a news conference in a Timmy’s in east-end Montreal, but he was thrown out...

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