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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Linda McQuaig and the media’s blind spot for left-wing extremism

Media-types push the flattering narrative that Canadians are an inherently moderate people repulsed by extremes on “either side.”  Yet the comparatively scant revulsion the press encourages towards the bozo eruptions of the far-left suggests the real phenomenon is a journalistic class prone to assuming their personal bugaboos regarding Christian fundamentalists and the like are more widely shared than they actually are.

Linda McQuaig, the NDP candidate in Toronto Centre, is the Platonic ideal of a left-wing extremist.  She has written several cranky books decrying free-market capitalism (the economic system this country uses, for those keeping track) and has likened it to slavery on more than one occasion.  Of “Israeli Apartheid Week,” the invented campus holiday for airing grievances against the Jewish state that range from nuttily conspiratorial to openly anti-Semitic, she’s said “there’s nothing odious.”  There’s a photo of her shaking the hand of Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez with an enormous grin on her face, and she praised him lavishly when he died.  She believes Canada broke international law by overthrowing the Taliban in Afghanistan, and of Canadian-American relations once quipped “we are not dealing with a best friend” but hungry imperialists who crave our conquest.

The Conservative Party deserves criticism for not making this woman a household name, but the media equally so.  After all, if we are to believe the press holds moral obligation to spotlight deviant politicians that threaten Canadian normalcy, then surely McQuaig deserves a sound shaming...

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Matthew said...

"free-market capitalism (the economic system this country uses, for those keeping track)"

--- since when?