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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

NDP candidate for Don Valley East's facebook page listed support for three 2014 anti-Israel/pro-terrorist events

The word came down hard and heavy to every NDP and Liberal candidate in the upcoming federal election to go through their social media accounts and start purging embarrassing posts.

That came in the aftermath of disgraced Liberal candidate Ala Buzreba's resignation following exposure of a series of hateful twitter postings she had made. The 21 year-old originally claimed they were youthful indiscretions, but it soon emerged that as recently as a year ago, she had told Jewish journalist Ezra Levant, whose family has been in Canada for over a century, to "pack up and leave to Israel."

Buzreba's fall was only a few days after NDP candidate Morgan Wheeldon was given the heave-ho as the party's candidate in Kings-Hauts for his anti-Israel and anti-Canadian social media postings. All three major political parties have had bozo eruptions from their candidates. But the NDP in particular, both for the number of candidates doing it and the demented viciousness of things they've said or written in the past, has a cache of crazy that beats the others by an order of magnitude.

Jew-hate front and centre at Aug 10, 2014  protest
supported by NDP candidate Khalid Ahmed
(Photo via Blogwrath)
As the election campaign draws closer to its finish on October 19, more and more information about how unqualified and irresponsible Tom Mulcair's potential caucus is looking.

Today's example is the NDP candidate for Don Valley East, Khalid Ahmed, who recently purged from his facebook events page, support for three viciously anti-Israel events last year which were co-organized by the pro-terrorist Palestine House.

In 2012, the federal government ended its relationship with Palestine House because of that organization's support for terror and antisemitism.

The events Ahmed supported were protests outside the Israeli consulate in Toronto at which Israel was slandered as an apartheid state, something the Canadian government considers an antisemitic slur.  The participants at these protests routinely expressed support for terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Indeed the other organizer of the events was the so-called "Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid" a loose grouping of antisemites, academic imbeciles, anti-western socialist extremists, and mentally ill hatemongers.

The events in question also featured accusations of Israel being like Nazi Germany and deranged antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Though Ahmed recently purged the events from his facebook page, they were captured in the screenshot below:

Support for three vicious anti-Israel hatefests
 recently purged from NDP candidate Khalid Ahmed's facebook page


Unknown said...

Social media bites back.


Tamarack said...

"Antisemites, academic imbeciles, anti-western socialist extremists, and mentally ill hatemongers."

Nailed it.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a beautiful phrase!