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Sunday, August 9, 2015

GOP to Congress: Don't be intimidated by Obama on Iran deal

..."The administration has tried to undermine the spirit of the law by going straight to the U.N. for approval in hopes of pressuring Congress to accept it," Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tennessee, said Saturday in a video. "Congress must not be intimidated by this. The real decision for lawmakers isn't this deal or war. The real decision is whether Congress believes this deal is in our national interest."...

...Corker, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair, lobbed a shot directly at the president, accusing him of misleading Congress over the deal's necessity.

"The president has said repeatedly that this is a choice between accepting this deal or going to war. It is not," Corker said. "Throughout the negotiations, the administration routinely asserted that 'no deal is better than a bad deal' and threatened to walk away if necessary. So clearly there was always another option for the White House -- and it wasn't war."

Corker laid out his objections, saying the agreement doesn't guarantee "anytime, anywhere inspections" nor does the deal allow U.S. inspectors on the ground.

"Instead of the once-promised 'anytime, anywhere' inspections, this agreement gives Iran nearly a month of advanced notice to hide any evidence of developing a nuclear weapon," the Tennessee Republican said. "Even worse, there are two secret side deals -- we can't ever see -- that appear to restrict inspectors' access to key sites."

"Iran will go from a weakened state to an economically robust country without being forced to change any of its roguish, destructive behavior," Corker said...

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