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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Jewish Defense League to picket private fundraiser for Justin Trudeau

This could prove to be interesting:

The Jewish Defence League (JDL) says it’s planning to picket a private fundraising event featuring Liberal party Leader Justin Trudeau and York Centre candidate Michael Levitt at the home of businessman and philanthropist Barry Sherman.

The Aug. 26 protest “is absolutely going to be peaceful” and participants hope to engage contributors to the Liberal party as they enter Sherman’s home, said JDL leader Meir Weinstein.

The JDL is protesting the Liberal party’s position on the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by the United States and other western countries, he said.

The deal has been described as “catastrophic” for Israel and will see Iran receive $150 billion in previously withheld funds, some of which the country will use to fund terrorist organizations worldwide. “That will heighten difficulties for Jews,” Weinstein said, adding no one in the Jewish community should back the Liberals, given the party’s support for the deal and its position that Canada should reopen diplomatic relations with Iran.

Weinstein said the JDL picketing Sherman’s residence is unprecedented. “We don’t go out and picket Jewish leaders. It’s a very difficult decision.”

He said the JDL took the step in the wake of an email exchange between Sherman and Gabriel Erem, the CEO of Lifestyles Magazine...

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