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Saturday, August 22, 2015

"Hip" Vice Sports shitcans article by Norm Macdonald because it wasn't "hip" enough, so he relays it and backstory via twitter

Vice Sports has got to be one of the lamest sports sites on the entire Interweb.

To give you an idea about what their "professional" sports stories are like, one of their featured articles is about a transgendered high school athlete. And it is not about a young Bruce/Caitlin Jenner.

Vice Sports commissioned comedian Norm Macdonald to write an article. They didn't publish it, because what they really wanted him to do was interview "naturally funny" professional athletes, which they expected Macdonald to find through his own personal contact list.

As it turns out, Macdonald didn't happen to have the phone numbers of any "naturally funny" professional athletes. 

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