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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Foreign-funded lobbyists Leadnow bribing activists to campaign against Joe Oliver in Eglinton-Lawrence

The foreign-funded, anti-Conservative lobby group Leadnow wants Canadians to vote strategically to defeat Stephen Harper in the upcoming election. So much so, that they will give you free food if you go out and canvas according to their directions in Toronto's Eglinton-Lawrence riding, which is currently held by federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver.

Grungy activists are signing up to, in their words 'storm the riding," and annoy Oliver's constituents to earn a free meal - with vegetarian and gluten-free options! Those options will probably be in high demand. Did you ever notice that if you wander into a health food store, most of the people in it are the least healthy-looking people you're likely to see all day? Well, if you live in Eglinton-Lawrence, get ready to have one of them accost you with rants of how evil the federal government is, and how you should unite behind the Liberal candidate to defeat it. It's all paid for by people who don't actually care about who represents the interests of the riding, just as long as it's not a Conservative.

If you're in Eglinton-Lawrence, make sure to ask lots of questions if a tofu and wheat grass-loving, Conservative-hating weirdo shows up at your door. The answers could prove very interesting. Mostly about how little beyond their talking-points they know about federal policies.

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