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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Canada didn't get stolen by Prime Minister Stephen Harper

...Can’t tell you how often on Facebook I’ve seen some variant of this posted: “We have to take our country back!” 
Seriously? How did Stephen Harper steal your country? 
Let’s run through the arguments. 

1. The New York Times doesn’t respect us anymore.

Well … good. 

2. We don’t do a lot of UN peacekeeping.

I would argue the UN — at best a noble failed experiment, at worst a corrupt body whose primary task is promoting hatred for Jews on the world stage — isn’t worth anybody’s time. 
As for the efficacy of peacekeeping, I refer you to the Rwandan genocide.

3. Harper won’t give government employees the unfettered ability to communicate with the public unsupervised.

If you work for a big oil company downtown, are you allowed to call a press conference to discuss global warming whenever you feel like it?

Didn’t think so.

4. Harper doesn’t like the CBC.

Well … who the hell does? It’s not 1955 anymore and genuine Canadian voices in the culture — like Trailer Park Boys — are doing just fine on Netflix, thank you very much.

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