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Sunday, July 3, 2016

“I am a gay Muslim, and I am a victim of Islam"

Hundreds of Muslims converged on Queen’s Park (the Ontario Legislature) on July 2, 2016 for the annual Iran-backed al-Quds Day rally. The controversial holiday was proclaimed in 1979 by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini as a religious duty for all Muslims to rally in solidarity against Israel and for the “liberation” of Jerusalem.
A counter-demonstration was organized by the Jewish Defence League of Canada in partnership with several Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, including a number of gay Conservatives from a group called Queers Against Islamic Apartheid.
Yousef, a young man originally from Turkish Kurdistan who attended the counter-demonstration, told CIJnews about his experience as a gay man growing up in the Middle East.
“LGBT community in the Middle East is a victim of Islam. I am a gay Muslim, and I am a victim of Islam” Yousef said. “It is unfortunate that people here, those who call themselves human rights activists, do not want to see this aspect of Islam and do not want to see that Islam itself is victimizing people like me. And the reason I am here, standing with the Jewish people is because Israel is a victim as well because it is the ideology of hatred behind the Islamists that is forcing Israel to turn into a security state. Israel is contributing so many things to humanity, including technology and science. Islamists are trying to get rid of Israel from the region. I love my region and I wish every country was trying to do what Israel is doing, to contribute something to humanity, and to be more peaceful toward the LGBT community in the Middle East instead of killing their own children. “
When asked about what he thinks about Justin Trudeau’s push to normalize diplomatic relations with Iran, Yousef said: “It breaks my heart"...

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