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Friday, July 15, 2016

Septembre Anderson: Why Black Lives Matter doesn't speak for me

It's not that they actually represent black people, it's media stupidity and laziness which has propelled Black Lives Matter to the forefront of activism.
"...thanks to the mainstream media's terrible track record when it comes to covering anything to do with Black people, BLM-TO has succeeded in presenting itself as synonymous with Black liberation.

I don't know whether liberal media have dropped the ball due to their fear of being labelled racist or just a general lack of knowledge of how to cover Black issues, but BLM-TO has capitalized on it and uses your favourite website, newspaper, TV news program and weekly as their megaphone.

Black leaders are crowned not by the communities they are members of, but by media picking their most accessible faves. And for this reason the revolution will not be televised (or covered by the media). Instead of Black communities getting to elect their own leaders, we are presented ones that fill slow news cycles and token black pundit positions.

But while BLM-TO is great at communicating with media and keeping the media up to date on its movements, it's not so great at being transparent with the people the group claims to represent..."

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