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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trump making the media crazy could help him win in November

"...we can’t really understand Trump just by looking at Trump. We have to look at his supporters — including the many millions of Americans who feel they’ve lost out to globalization.

If Trump’s opponents and critics don’t understand that, and instead just focus their efforts on criticizing the man, they risk underestimating his movement — as we all have for the past year..."

That quote is from one of two interesting recent articles about how Donald Trump is changing the political landscape, the other from Dilbert creator Scott Adams. It sums up a great deal about why Trump stands a very good chance of winning in November. The media, his opponents and the people that hate him have been unsuccessful in their relentless attacks because the people that support Trump don't care about what his enemies say about him.

If you want to defeat Trump, you have to come up with a better alternative; something inspiring. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders are fit to lead the US. Is Trump? Maybe not, but when you have masses of the public who feel alienated and the option you're offering them is "well, she may be awful, but she's not as awful as Trump," it might not work. Sometimes, and very often in politics, the devil you know isn't better than the devil you don't know.

Further to media histrionics about Trump, how he drives people who hate him batshit crazy, and how the media is reinforcing his accusations that they are completely unreliable in their reports about him is the following item from The Toronto Star.

Trump gave Mike Pence an 'air kiss' after the latter's speech last night and The Star devoted an entire article to going apeshit over it.

It starts with:

"Donald Trump tried to connect with a manly embrace and kiss with his vice-presidential running-mate, Mike Pence, and wound up sucking air like a dying grouper.

The moment, which redefined “cringeworthy,” came during the third night of the Republican national convention in Cleveland on Wednesday.

Pence might be happy with the nomination but not enough to let The Donald’s lips land on him..."

And goes on in that vein.

Yes, it's The Star, a Canadian media outlet the work environment drove at least one of its writers to suicide and which ceased being an actual newspaper to become an only slightly less hysterical version of rabble.ca years ago, but even so, it's in their "News" section. Really.

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