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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thousands of Shiites expressing support for terrorism at Canadian al Quds Day rallies contradicts politicians and media claims about "Islamophobia"

Pictures of Iran's murderous dictator Khomeini lead thousands of
Shiite fanatics at Toronto's al Quds day

The role of news media in a democracy is to provide the public with the truth so we can make informed decisions based on fact. Similarly, politicians in a democracy have an obligation to honestly portray and address issues which have significant effects on their constituents. When media and politicians misrepresent facts and conceal them because of an ideological agenda, it is a betrayal of the trust they expect to receive from the public.  A betrayal of the public trust by Canada's news media and political class is precisely what is happening when it comes to their narrative about Islamophobia and their concealing the extent of support for terrorism and violence within segments of Canada's Muslim communities.

Canadian politicians and the media are falling over each other to denounce a supposed "epidemic" of Islamophobia currently plaguing Canada. This is evidenced, according to The Toronto Star, in that "only a third Ontarians have a positive impression [of Islam] ...and more than half feel its mainstream doctrines promote violence."

It is of course grossly unfair to persecute or discriminate against an individual Muslim because of the tenets of the Islamic faith. Most Canadian Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding, fair-minded people who do not take Islam's call to jihad any more seriously than Christians or Jews take the invocation in the Book of Exodus to kill people for violating the Sabbath.  The type of Islam that extols violence and preaches the inferiority of women, and the hatred of gays, Jews and infidels is certainly not representative of the attitudes of every Canadian Muslim.

But this violent sectarianism does represent a significantly large segment of Islam, even in Canada, which is perceived as an example of successful Muslim integration compared to the failures of European multiculturalism.

The Muslim population of Canada has increased more than fourfold in the last 20 years, much of it due to immigration from countries including Pakistan and Middle Eastern nations where women have far fewer rights than men and where the persecution of non-Muslims and gays is commonplace. Pakistani, Iranian and Saudi madrassas (Islamic schools) teach antipathy towards the west and doctrines about women, gays and non-Muslims that, to the typical westerner, would be considered barbaric.

Our politicians and mainstream media are invested in a doctrinaire narrative which would have you believe that immigrants from such discriminatory countries become magically purged of the bigotry of their cultures the moment they set foot on Canadian soil. In order to maintain that fiction, they steadfastly refuse to report in any real detail about the glaring facts that contradict it. However their is more than ample evidence of such contradiction on display at the annual al Quds Day rallies that take place in Toronto and other Canadian cities during the summer.

Al Quds Day is an event that was created by Iran's deceased brutal dictator, the foremost Shiite theological leader of his time, Ayatollah Khomeini, to rally Muslims to the cause of jihad against Israel. It is held on the last Friday of Ramadan, the Islamic 'holy month,' to reiterate the religiously devotional aspect of annihilating the Jewish State and its non-Muslim inhabitants.

At Toronto's al Quds Day rally earlier this month, calls for murder and violence against innocent civilians were interspersed with praise for Khomeini and recitations from the Koran in order to emphasise the Islamic duty to support jihad.

Apologists for Islamic terrorism and the significant support for terrorism within western Muslim communities frequently invoke extremists like Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church or abortion clinic bombers, as if the comparison somehow balances each other out. But context and scale matters and the is no legitimate comparison between the two in that regard. Westboro Baptists are a tiny sect comprised of about 40 people. No mainstream Christian clergyman endorses murder or terrorism of any sort.

Yet in the shadow of Ontario's legislature, more than 5000 Canadian Muslims, bussed in from local mosques, reverently listened as Syed Abbas Abedi, recognized as a prominent Shia scholar and theologian, spouted off bizarre antisemitic conspiracy theories and provided a religious grounding for terrorism.

Later, Ali Mallah, an Islamic extremist and public service union activist, explicitly endorsed the killing of innocent Jews. In the wake of the murder of a sleeping 13 year old Israeli girl by a Palestinian terrorist, Mallah pronounced, amid his calls for the destruction of Israel, "we salute the resistance... by any form and by any manifestation that comes..."

That idolization of infanticide in the name of Islam was just as explicitly reiterated by another speaker.  Nadia Shoufani, has previously praised the vicious terrorist Samir Kuntar, who murdered a 4 year old girl in cold blood by grabbing her by her heels and swinging her around, smashing her head against a boulder. At Toronto's al Quds Day rally Shoufani, a teacher in the Dufferin-Peel District School Board, praised the type of "resistance" carried out by Mohammad Tarairah, who slaughtered the sleeping Israeli teen.

With facts like these staring us in the face, rather than the Islamophobia postulated by The Toronto Star, it seems considerably more reasonable to assume that more than half of Canadians feel Islamic mainstream doctrines promote violence because Islamic mainstream doctrines frequently do promote violence and hatred. 

Toronto Star refers to killed ISIS members as "martyrs"
Rather than be honest about that, The Star has gone so far as to adopt the term "martyr" for ISIS terrorists who get killed, although they prefer not to refer to the Islamic State as "Islamic" so as not to stoke Islamophobia.  

Despite these substantial matters of public interest, it's nearly impossible to find any political condemnation or mainstream media report of al Quds Day. If you can find one, it will be like the CBC's sanitization of the genocidal nature of the whole event, and its willful concealing of what occurs at them and instead providing a sort of moral equivalence between the murderous Khomeinites and the civilized counter-protesters opposing them.

Sensitive to the scrutiny it gets from intelligence sources and the occasional critic, al Quds Day organizers go to pains that their fanatical Jew hatred is only a form of "anti-Zionism." To that end, they will trot out the occasional useful idiot, like a freakish-looking member or two of a weird, inbred, apocalyptic cult called Neturei Karta, which is sometimes referred to as 'The Jewish Taliban.' Or, like an organ grinder displaying a trained monkey, they may exhibit a pathetic attention-seeker like Ken Stone.

Stone is a member of an emotionally unhealthy group of Jews and lunatics pretending to be Jews called Independent Jewish Voices, founded by 9-11 conspiracy weirdo Diana Ralph. Members of that group, including Stone, frequently push anti-Jewish tropes and conspiracy theories. Stone's desperation for attention dates back to the 1960's, when he yelled out at a University of Toronto convocation ceremony, "Fellow niggers, look what Mister Charlie's done to your minds!" before tearing up his diploma.

Using malevolent stooges like the Neturei Kartmen and Stone to "prove" the al Quds Day Shiites are not antisemitic is about as convincing as a pre-Civil War plantation owner who 'proved' his regard for black people by permitting slaves to work inside his mansion.

Fortunately, many, many Canadian Muslims are nothing like the thousands of vicious fanatics at al Quds Day rallies in Canada. Many Canadian Muslims are incredibly decent, compassionate and peaceful people who thoroughly reject terrorism, like those in groups such as Muslims Facing Tomorrow and The Canadian Muslim Congress.

But it is suicidal to our values to continue to ignore the vast numbers and grave threat posed to Canada, not by a fictional Islamophobia, but a widespread manifestation of violent, misogynist, bigoted Islam that demands conformity. By failing to even admit that problem exists to the extent it does is a betrayal by our politicians and our media, not only of Muslim reformers who have tried to raise the alarm, but of all Canadian citizens who believe in democracy.

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