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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My vote for the stupidest rabbi in Canada goes to...

Rabbi David Mivasair of Vancouver's progressive synagogue, Ahavat Olam.

Rabbi David speechified at a Sea Hitler support rally - here are some highlights:

[Facts are for suckers, I'll just make some up]:

 “There’s really no justification whatsoever for an Israeli blockade of Gaza..there’s over a hundred and fifty million absolutely innocent people who live in Gaza. most of them live there only because their homes and their villages were taken from them and destroyed n 1947 and 1948

[Don’t worry, the bombs are small, and the terrorists firing them at children are related to people that were hard done by..maybe, possibly..]:

Whenever we read about, the.. I have to say like the puny, ineffective rocket being fired into some place like Sderot,  something to think about is very likely, the people firing it are the children or grandchildren of people who perhaps lived in Sderot

[Them Israeli Jews are on a power trip]:

The blockade has no military justification whatsoever..the only reason I can imagine that it’s there is more kind of psychological and emotional. And It’s an attempt to just crush the spirit of the people of live in Gaza, to subjugate them, and to enable some Israelis to feel like they are supreme, they are powerful, they are dominant and they can do that.”

Some more gems from Rabbi David:

He's a huge fan of Libby Davies!

And if radical Islamists are mad at us, it's probably our own fault:

".. the US and Israel might have done something to elicit such enmity. It is as if it arose spontaneously, a completely irrational aberration in human thinking, with no relationship whatsoever to anything that the USA and Israel have ever done."

Here's Rabbi David giving some wine (or so he says) to a woman who looks about 8 months pregnant. Can I vote twice?


Anonymous said...


The dude's got a Master of Arts degree from the "Reconstructionist Rabbinical College" in small town PA.

They're more affiliated with the United Church than with any branch of recognizable Judaism.

(which might explain the total gay orientation his small group of old lesbians you can see singing in the video.)

For all intents and purposes, you may as well get a "Rabbi" e-mail degree.

Unknown said...

David Mivasair is a self hating jew through and through. I used to be a member of his congregation but quit in disgust at the constant israel bashing. I remember him talking hatefully about israeli society when he described one day the rudeness of a bank official in israel. I could see the hate and contempt in his eyes and face. He truly despises israel.

flamenco dancer said...

he needs to go to Gaza for a while and see how they will adore him
Try Libya, Syria and Iran
You fool pseudo Rabbi