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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scenes from Toronto's Trans Pride

Here are some shots from the Trans Pride day on July 1 (yesterday)

There is some genuine courage in the transsexual community.  These are individuals who have to undergo more difficulty than anyone else in what is lumped together as the Gay Body Politic, and many Trans people feel that within that community, they are ignored and treated shabbily. As one person I spoke with yesterday put it, "We're the bottom color on the rainbow flag."

Trans people who have gone public not only have to have the courage to be different than the norm in their sexuality, but they undergo intrusive, extensive medical treatment, often face social and personal ostracism, and suffer from discrimination in employment.

It's a scary journey for them and not one that anyone would undertake frivolously.

I'm glad they had a great day yesterday...and here's a tip for the Trans community: Don't get mired in the same asinine oppression "chip on your shoulder" politics that have trapped other groups in a quagmire that prevents them from being credible.

(Not everyone in these pics is a transsexual, but they were all out yesterday)
From transsexual Transylvania
(Check out the fangs!)
A rambling speech in which "Mother Earth" and
"Grandmother Moon" were thanked...and
something about buffaloes...???

Just about everyone had tattoos

Some more than others

A not-so-rare unicorn sighting

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