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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Michael Moore New Documentary: Imperialism is Killing Chavez - from The People's Cube

Caracas, Venezuela -- Michael Moore has announced his latest explosive documentary: Hugo Chavez, Martyr to Socialized Medicine 

 ...When the symptoms worsened for the embattled President of Venezuela, this true advocate of socialized medicine went to get treatment in Cuba. The island's Chief Surgeon Rafael Bernardo explains: "When we first operated on President Chavez we'd thought he had an abscessed Wish Bone - a misdiagnosis caused by the criminal Yankee war of imperialism and the inhuman blockade of Cuba. After several unsuccessful operations on a Funny Bone, his Spare Ribs, and Water on the Knee we realized Chavez had cancer of the Bread Basket." 
Second opinion from Iran:  Chavez's illness caused by Jews

The People Cube's columnist Dr. Leonid Fuku reports from Tehran:

A selected group of doctors, approved by the Guardian Council of Iran, have offered their professional second opinion on the ailing Venezuelan President's condition:

DIAGNOSIS: The stress and anxiety from seeing the suffering of righteous Muslims at the hands of Zionist occupiers, have led to Chavez's spontaneous expulsion of blood from the rectum as a sign of solidarity with the murdered mujaheddin.
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