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Sunday, July 31, 2011

If only our Immigration officials followed the lead of their US counterparts

Syed Hussan of the nutcase illegal alien advocacy group No One is Illegal is an immigrant to Canada.

Syed Hussan shows his gratitude
for being allowed to immigrate to Canada
His appreciation for this country providing him a safe haven takes many forms, including  disrespecting peace officers and his organization's efforts to help others circumvent Canada's generous immigration policies that he was able to use to his advantage, as well as activity that led to his arrest for being an organizer of violent protests during last year's G20 conference in Toronto,

He wrote a column recently at rabble.ca complaining of his treatment by US Homeland Security and Customs and Immigration agents. They held him at the border for 9 hours and then turned him back.

It shouldn't have taken as long as 9 hours, but Immigration Canada could learn a lesson there.

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