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Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Progressive" nutcase convinces Sirhan Sirhan that he was a CIA patsy used to assassinate Bobby Kennedy

Just when you thought things were getting weird, they get weirder:

Stephen Lendman, host of The Progressive Radio News Hour on The Progressive Radio Network (whatever the hell that is) reports a jailhouse interview with Bobby Kennedy`s murderer, Sirhan Sirhan.

The interview, titled  My Morning with Sirhan is described: "On January 21, 2010, Academic Prison Teacher, Gerald B. Reynolds, spent time with Sirhan and wrote it up in detail."

Reynolds seems to have convinced Sirhan that the CIA drugged him with LSD and used him as a "Manchurian Candidate" patsy to conduct the Kennedy assassination for them. Or maybe Sirhan was just firing blanks while the real killer(s) got away with it. It`s all too crazy and stupid to waste time over-analyzing.  Lendman uses this as evidence of a big, bad  CIA plot. Because nothing is more reliable than a murderous madman agreeing with paranoid suggestions put in his head by a loony radical.

You would have to be insane to believe that, but I do believe that at least one of these people is suffering ill-effects from taking acid in the 60`s.

Reynolds: "Did you have your gun with you?"

Sirhan: "Yes. When I was in the pantry, the gun was in my hand."

Reynolds: "Did you know Robert Kennedy was going to be walking toward you?"

Sirhan: "No. I didn't know where I was and I don't know how I got there. I was in a state of blackout."

Reynolds: "You were a Manchurian candidate....It's something the CIA uses. They assassinate a president, or senator, or anyone they wish, and make it look like some crazed, lone-nut assassin did it. But he has been heavily drugged, possibly with LSD, and undergone intense brainwashing followed by reprogramming. Everything you're saying about yourself follows the established pattern of the drugged, duped, CIA patsy."

Sirhan: "They used me, framed me, and they set me up to die."

If you want to shake your head at some Craaaazzzzy stuff, you can read Lendman`s report here.


Anonymous said...

Gerald Bruce Reynolds (1952-2011)

Gerald Bruce Reynolds, 59, of Hanford, California, passed away unexpectedly in June , 2011. Gerald was born August 26, 1952, in Montgomery County, Maryland, the son of Raymond Morrow Reynolds and Joyce Kristine Reynolds (nÈe Collopy), and the brother of David and Nancy. He is survived by his daughters Melissa Reynolds, of Hayfield, Minnesota, and Melanie Reynolds, also of Hanford. Gerald graduated from Alhambra High School in 1969 and received degrees in broadcast communications and English with an emphasis on history from UNLV and SFSU. He was employed at Pleasant Valley State Prison as a GED teacher. His hobbies included playing guitar and singing his own original songs, playing tennis with his daughters, watching movies at home and at the movie theater, and expanding his intellect through rigorous study every morning before work.

Arrangements by Peopleís Funeral Home in Hanford. A memorial service will be held Friday, July 8, 2011, at 7 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2400 N. 11th Ave, Hanford. Published in The Hanford Sentinel on July 6, 2011

Richard K said...

Thanks! I had no idea. 59 is not very old... I looked that up (not that I don't trust my readers) and found the link. Let the conspiracy theories begin!


Anonymous said...

This is stupid... I once dated his daughter! This is a bunch of crazy garbage! There is no conspiracy. People need to stop wasting their time and effort!! He suffered from a heart attack. That was easy. The man was living in a super small town called Coalinga, California for some time, and probably became depressed. I was when I lived there. Give him a break! Rest in peace Gerald Bruce Reynolds. Sleep with the angels.

Anonymous said...

Small world, huh?

Anonymous said...

I wish that I could take the person that made Mister Reynolds out to look like a nut-job and sit down with them. Their mind is convoluted because it is so far fetched--or so we think. I am a best close friend to Gerald's daughter, Mr.Hagans ("...This is a bunch of crazy garbage!"), and I tell you that I have had the liberty in discussing the last of what the girls know that has been since brushed under the rug, JUST LIKE IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Bless you Sirhan! Rest in Peace Jerry.
(Fyi, we were merely told he died of a massive heart attack-- it was never proven.)