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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harper makes loony left betray their contempt for the intelligence of Canada`s voters

Murray Dobbin is a Board Member of  the NDP-linked Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and a columnist for the anti-Israel, radical activist website rabble.ca.  He is also one of the least astute political observers in Canada; if there's a way to misinterpret events, misconstrue and de-contextualize facts or make an incorrect prediction, Dobbin invariably finds a way to do it.

rabble.ca is useful for one thing and one thing only; to get insight into the mind-set of Canada's radical fanatics. It's informative to observe that by assuming the centrist role abdicated by Michael Ignatieff's Liberal party when he swung it to the far left during the last campaign, Stephen Harper's majority Conservative government has been frustrating the far left of the NDP to the point of conniptions and raving hysteria.

In his most recent Rabble column, Dobbin is calling for the NDP to launch a "culture war" against the government. Reduced to calling the Prime Minister of Canada a hater of humankind ( referring to him as a " misanthrope") , and the bizarre accusation of a "voter suppression strategy of making politics so unpleasant that many supporters of opposition parties will simply tune out," Dobbin betrays the frustration of an ideology that has been outwitted and outmatched.

Ranting about Harper as someone who "likes to denigrate and belittle his opponents and their parties," Dobbin launches into ridiculous, furious invective against the Conservative leader and party. In so doing, Dobbin betrays an utter failure to realize by whom the NDP and the radical socialist agenda he embraces have been outwitted.

It is not be Harper and the Conservatives who have foiled the NDP; it is the Canadian voters, who can see through the snake-oil pitch that Jack Layton tried to sell to the public. This contempt for the intelligence of voters is indicative of the socialist left in Canada, among whom Dobbin is regarded as an `intellectual.`

This reflects the angst of a declining socialist movement in Canada that, rather than having intelligent leadership, only seems able to produce articulate whiners bitter about their own inadequacy.

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